Guest Speaker
Joe Smolensky
New Hyde Park
Funeral Home
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Photos from
April Meeting at Clinton Martin
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Next Meeting is May 21st


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New Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the place where new opportunities are born. Connect to a strong, vibrant business community with limitless possibilities. Welcome to the Greater New Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce website.  This site provides valuable information to our members and those who live, work or want to do business in New Hyde Park, Garden City Park, Herricks and the Lake Success Commercial Parks. We invite you to take advantage of all that we have to offer. Whether you are looking to find a local business or grow your business locally, we are here to help. After more than 30 years of service to the community, the one thing we have learned for certain and seen demonstrated time and time again is that when new connections are made, anything is possible.

located at 401 Jericho Tpke
Pictured L-R: Ed Powers; Chamber Member, Jerry Baldassaro; Chamber Secretary & 2nd VP,  Abhishek Anand, Ralph Ventura; Chamber President,  Prem Anand, Bob LoFaro; Mayor of New Hyde Park Village, Peter Caputo; Chamber Past President, Holding the scissors in the middle are Dhiraj and Jasleen Anand; Owners with their children, Yuvraj and Riya,  Mark Laytin; Chamber Past President, Angelo Ferrara; Town of N. Hempstead Councilman, Chris Vulpis; Chamber Past President, Wayne Wink; Town of N. Hempstead Clerk, Peter Zuckerman; Town of N. Hempstead Councilman, Karan Shah,  Preetika Singh,  Deep Shah, Jeanette Frisina; Chamber 1st Vice President and Harpreet Singh. Not pictured, Jogesh Anand

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Pictured L-R:  Guang Yan; Partner, Jeanette Frisina: Chamber 1st VP, Ed Powers; Chamber Member, Larry Montreuil; Deputy Mayor of the Village of NHP, Jerry Baldassaro; Chamber Secretary/ 2ndVP, Ralph Ventura; Chamber President, Peter Pan; Partner, holding scissors is Joseph Chen and Benny Huang; owners, Cheryl Fajardo; Chamber Director, Mark Laytin; Chamber Past President, Angelo Ferrara; Councilman for Town of N. Hempstead, Rich Nicolello; Legislator, Rich DeMartino; Chamber Past President, Peter Caputo; Chamber Past President, Shui Mei Huang, Owner.

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