Membership Committee:

•Reach out to new prospects in the business and civic community

•Make sure new members feel welcome and get them involved

•Communicate Chamber benefits and opportunities to current membership

•Contact: Stewart Small and/or Richard DeMartino


Marketing Committee:

•Organize and publicize ongoing and new chamber events

•Publicize chamber activities to the community

•Contact: Jeanette Frisina and/or Reena Gulati


Golf Committee:

•Organize, promote, and coordinate the chamber’s annual golf outing

•Contact: Christopher Vulpis and/or Ralph Ventura


Website Committee:

•Update and edit chamber news, events, promotions, etc.

•Help to develop new features on our always evolving website

•Contact: Bill Morales or John Gebbie


Events Committee


Benevolence Committee

  • Our goal is to provide for the emergency needs of the less fortunate.
  • The Benevolence Committee shall perform acts of benevolence to persons in need. These needs may include Social, Physical and/or Monetary.
  • All requests for assistance should be researched carefully to determine whether or not the Committee should respond to said requests.
  • Contact: Richard DeMartino and/or Cheryl Fajardo